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15 ways to live on mission in your Neighborhood

As Pastor Wade reminds us frequently, The Church at Nolensville exists for those who aren’t here yet. If we believe that this is true – that our existence is based on the mission Jesus called us to – then how do we go about making disciples and sharing the good news of Jesus “with those who aren’t here yet”?

Here are 15 practical ways for you to be missional in your neighborhood. The goal of these missional ideas is NOT that you have a 100% conversion rate with your neighbors. Instead, the idea is to combine normal, everyday things that build relationships with the people God has already put in your life through prayer, love, and truth.

Step 1: Prayer

  1. If you aren’t already praying for your neighbors, it is time to start! Go to the end of your driveway, look to the left and the right. How many houses do you see? Make a list of the houses and pray for each family.
  2. Begin praying for opportunities to connect with the neighbors you don’t know.
  3. Begin praying for meaningful contact with neighbors you do know.
  4. Listen… Are there any specific neighbors that the Holy Spirit seems to be drawing you to? Are there any specific needs or concerns the Holy Spirit is bringing to you?
  5. Pray for boldness to express love and truth to your neighbors, your mission field.

Step 2: Love

  1. Walk around the neighborhood with someone. Expect God to move, and expect to meet & talk to neighbors.
  2. Organize a neighborhood BBQ – invite neighbors to join and help.
  3. Organize a neighborhood kids’ night with outdoor games and activities.
  4. Invite neighbors you are praying for over for dinner.
  5. Host a neighborhood watch party for a sporting event or movie.

Step 3: Truth

  1. Be willing to offer prayer for those who you come into contact with.“How can I pray for you and your family?” “I know you are worried about ___, would you mind if I pray for you about that right now?”)
  2. Be ready to share Bible stories and truths that are relevant to the conversations.
  3. If you hear recurring themes like parenting, illness, questions or wrong assumptions about God in conversations. Then invite your neighbor(s) to meet up a few times to see what the Bible says about that topic. (Contact Jay Fennell if you need help:
  4. Invite them to join you and your family in upcoming church functions like Serving Saturdays, Family Gatherings, or Life Groups.
  5. Invite them to visit church for a Sunday morning service.

By Josh Lynn (Nolensville Campus Ministry Resident)