Sundays at 10:45 AM


On Campus
Room: 113

Group Focus

Marriage / Family

Group Leader

Jay Fennell

Full Circle Parenting Class | Begins September 11th
Most parents know they have to find a way to have tough conversations with their kids from a biblical perspective and a distinctly Christian worldview, but they don’t know how.
If you’re like these parents, Full Circle Parenting was written for you. Using the 3 Circles gospel tool (God’s design; brokenness; gospel), you’ll learn how to use a “gospel conversation map” to work through any tough conversation you have with your children, and will show you how it works with the following topics and more: 
•         Gender, Sexuality, and Marriage
•         Technology 
•         Alcohol and Substance Abuse
•         Bitterness, Forgiveness, and Restoration
•         Friendship and Mean Kids
Space is limited to 20 families. Especially designed for parents of middle and high school students. 

Please contact Jay Fennell to join this group.

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